About us

We're an agency offering talent/models from babies to adults. Our models are full of beauty and personality.

We encourage self-expression, outgoing personalities and opportunities to build self-esteem and celebrate individuality.


  • Stephanie Brown, Talent Director Milwaukee
  • Nicole Dionisio, Talent Director Chicago
  • Kerry Ben-Joseph, Director of Multimedia
  • Nicolle Grassl, Development


How do I submit my child/myself to SNB Model Management?

To apply, you will need to submit an application using the "Submissions" page. We don accept postal or email applications. If there is interest in your submission, a member of our team will contact you.

Does SNB Model Management accept all who apply?

If there is an interest in the applicant, further steps will be taken toward signing the talent.

What is our commission rate an are we exclusive representation?

Our commission rate is 20%. SNB Model Management is both exclusive and non-exclusive representation. Each model depending on key factors and unique circumstances will be considered for appropriate placement.

How often can I expect work?

The amount of work you can expect is dependent on many factors. Work is not guaranteed, as it is the client that will ultimately book the talent.

How much do child models earn?

Each job is different and earnings will depend on the client, campaign, and how much work was completed.

Additional Application information:

We cannot consider incomplete applications, or those with incorrect information.