Electronic Submission Form

No initial appointment necessary!

Please fill out this form and attach the requested photos in order to be considered by SNB Model Management.

You do not need to submit professional photos, although you may if you have them. We want to see natural shots, free from too much make-up or distractions at this point. Clean simple photographs will give us an idea of the model's everyday look and natural beauty.

If you have more than one child you must submit them separately.

Registration form

We will need precise contact information. Please include the email address you check most often as well as cell phone and land line numbers. Being able to get in touch with you will be crucial in this entire process.

Included in the electronic submission should be the following: DOB, the date(s) the pictures were taken, clothing size, height, weight, hair/eye color.

Photos are REQUIRED for all talent to be considered. *If electronic submission is not an option for you, you must fill out this form anyway and state in the comment section your inability to attach your photo. We will likely contact you to set up other arrangements.

To submit children 6 months to 18-years both girls and boys please submit photos. In this electronic submission please include FOUR (4) clear photographs. Only one child in the shot. Please make sure there are no hats, sunglasses, hair accessories, or dirty faces present in the photo. Keep the background clear and clutter free.

*All properly submitted photos will receive a reply within 3-4 weeks. Please continue to submit every six months if you haven’t heard from us and as your child grows and changes.